Hélène Jonker writes a bi-weekly immigration law column in a local newspaper. These columns are also featured below.

Residence permit

Foreign nationals, wishing to stay in the Netherlands for more than 3 months, must apply for a residence permit for a specific reason of stay.

Most nationals will need to apply for a provisional residence permit (MVV) allowing them to enter the Netherlands for a period longer than 3 months. Under the TEV procedure (Entry and Residence Procedure) a combined application for the MVV and residence permit is initiated. The MVV and residence permit are granted simultaneously (the denial will also be a simultaneous decision). The purpose of stay must be included in the application. Please note that a Dutch Integration Exam must be passed in order to be able to initiate specific residence permit applications. Legal Crossing will be happy to specify for which grounds this Integration Exam requirement is necessary.

Upon arrival in the Netherlands, the foreign national may pick up the residence permit card. If the permit has not yet been processed, the foreign national must be able to prove the grounds of stay. Please contact our office for the required advice.