We provide expertise in all matters related to Dutch immigration law.

Work- and residence authorisation

Legal Crossing has extensive experience in all matters relating to Dutch immigration law. We have built and maintained trusted relationships based on our deep content knowledge of complex immigration law. We maintain good relationships with governmental- and Labor Authorities, European Migration Networking Group and other immigration orientated authorities.

We have listed some of our key fields of expertise on this page, but should you have any specific questions or specialist requirements please do not hesitate to contact us.

Key fields of expertise

  • Applications for work authorisation for expatriates,
    knowledge migrants, internationals,  self-employes persons and for dependents
  • Advice on employer liability and employers sanctions
  • Essential start-up personnel, international trade scheme and intracompany transfers
  • EU nationals
  • Permanent residence
  • Permit applications for au-pair, trainees, internship and study
  • Friendship treaties

Should any applications be declined we are able to fully assist in an appeal procedure. 

Diploma validation

Specific immigration procedures require a credential evaluation indicating the value of a foreign diploma or study programme in the Netherlands. A comparison will be made with the Dutch educational system.

How long does it take to issue a credential evaluation and what are the costs? We can answer these questions. Furthermore, we will be able to ensure that the credential evaluation is initiated with the proper authority together with the required documents and information.

Legal Crossing service diploma
Legal crossing service compliance

Compliance checks and audits

Legal Crossing carries out compliance checks to verify if the initiated immigration procedures, the available documentation and employers and employees are compliant with the legal requirements under Dutch immigration law.

We are able to conduct compliance checks on site at the client or on a dossier selection submitted to us by the client. Legal Crossing makes sure that all parties meet their responsibilities and compliance.

Document procurement

Specific immigration procedures require official certifications to establish the authenticity of documents that are submitted with the immigration applications. Procuration and authentication of documents can be cumbersome, time consuming and tedious procedures. Legal Crossing is able to assist the client to secure and properly authenticate the documents through legalisation or apostille. Please contact us timely as processing times can take between a few weeks and a few months. This varies per jurisdiction.

Legal crossing service document
Legal crossing outbound

Outbound Work, Single Point of Contact

Requirements for visa, residence permits and work authorisation vary widely from country to country. Managing and planning ahead is of vital importance. With our strong relationships with leading international law firms around the world, our network ad strong ties with governmental organisations, Legal Crossing is able to obtain the required authorisation through its local resources. The client only deals with Legal Crossing (Single Point of Contact), we manage the process. No matter where the employee needs to move to, we ensure that the immigration process runs smoothly.

“We are your single point of contact, we get things done!”