You can focus on your goals while we take care of your legal and practical concerns.

One of our key pillars is our client focus, enabling our clients to focus on their primary goals as we arrange the legal and practical concerns of their migrant employees. Needless to say, quality and reliability are another of our key pillars.

Corporate clients

We maintain a close working relationship with leading international law firms and Dutch governmental organisations. Our business model ensures that we are positioned to go direct to the source for specialist requirements and as such we are able to work without middlemen. In turn our clients benefit from our efficient operating model and competitive fees.

private clients

Over the past few years we have built up a vast portfolio of clients ranging from the most straight forward and simple applications for residency to extremely complex Dutch immigration law matters for people from a wide diversity of countries all over the world. In each instance Legal Crossing has always been a trusted and reliable partner in immigration law matters for all its clients.

Helene Jonker

“I work on all types of (straight forward to extremely complex) cases, as long as my clients get what they really need.”

~ Hélène Jonker