Hélène Jonker writes a bi-weekly immigration law column in a local newspaper. These columns are also featured below.


Investigations and enforcement actions involving employers and foreign national is the focus of the Labour Inspectorate. The employer risks a fine of € 8000 per employee without the required work authorization. Self-employed persons and individuals risk a fine of € 6000. For employees who are unable to identify themselves, a fine of € 2250 is risked.

If the employer is unable to fulfill his duties and responsibilities, the employer will receive a warning. If a repeated violation takes place, the following can be imposed:

  1. €3000 to €12000 per infringement
  2. Withdrawal from the sponsorship program
  3. Withdrawal of the permits, the foreign national can be deported.

All costs made by the Dutch authorities can be charged to the Dutch company. Furthermore, if the foreign national remains illegally in the Netherlands, repatriation costs can be charged to the company within one year after the employment has ended. We are able to represent the company at the hearings of the Labour Inspectorate or provide support in administrative and appeal proceedings.