Hélène Jonker writes a bi-weekly immigration law column in a local newspaper. These columns are also featured below.

Intracompany transfer

Directive 2014/66/EU sets out the conditions of entry and residence of third-country nationals (non-EU) under the intra-company (corporate) transfer (ICT permit). The transferee must be employed by the sending group company outside the EU for at least three months and must remain employed with this entity during the transfer.

The ICT permit issued in the Netherlands allows for work possibilities in other EU Member States by assigning the transferee from the first Member State to work in second/third Member States without having to go through a national work authorisation procedure.

The permit is issued to mangers and specialists for a maximum period of three years and to a trainee for  a maximum period of one year.

The EU ICT Directive directly affects Dutch national immigration rules: applicants falling under the new ICT provisions will no longer be eligible for the popular highly skilled migrant procedure.