Hélène Jonker writes a bi-weekly immigration law column in a local newspaper. These columns are also featured below.

Highly Skilled Migrants

This Dutch immigration policy encourages the knowledge economy by allowing companies to recruit highly skilled migrants and apply for combined residence- and work authorisation in an expedited procedure. The employee must obtain a local contract for at least four months.

A guaranteed gross monthly salary is required (holiday allowance not included), the level depending on the age of the employee. Reimbursement of expenses and allowances may be included provided they are specified and guaranteed in a contract, are paid out on a monthly basis and transferred to a bank account in name of the employee.

To have access to the Highly Skilled Migrant program, the Dutch company must be registered as a recognised sponsor with the Dutch Immigration Service (IND) by entering into a standard contract.

Legal Crossing is able to assist in the complete application. From registering the company as a recognised sponsor with the IND to applying for the relevant permits under the highly skilled migrant procedure.